Combine columns into a pdf

Hi everyone!

I would like to achieve the following but not sure where to start:

I have a regular table with multiple columns. Some columns are text, numbers, date, some JPGs.
What I would like to achieve is once a new row is completed with all required columns (and possibly a button to hit at the end), then all of the content within that row would be extracted and combined into a pdf in a particular style/order.

For example column #1 has a date, #2 a name, #3 a jpg, #4 some text then upon clicking a button, all these are nicely added to an A4 page everything at a certain position and size.

If something like this is possible, I’m sure I would need to use Zapier and some other 3rd party solution… But not sure how to get started and what other solutions should I look for.

Thanks for the input!