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Hello there!

I have a PDF that has several tables in it. I wish to convert some of those tables into Coda table so i may work with it and add conditions and so on to it. I am searching for an easy and fast way to do so since its a proccess I´ll have to day once or twice a week.
Anyway knows a way inside or even outside (that may convert it to Csv for example)?

Thank you very much

You might get lucky with a copy-paste; either

  • copy-pasting right onto a coda page, or
  • making a table with the correct columns in coda, putting your cursor on the first cell (not IN the cell with a text insertion cursor, just kind of selected) and pasting
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@Nick_HE I most admit i didnt thoguht about it!
So I tryed but I am no so lucky :smiling_face_with_tear:


How about pasting into Excel as an intermediary? I don’t suppose you can share one of the PDFs can you? (even privately via DM?)

Sure here is a photo of the table (it didnt let me upload the pdf).
As you can see there are actually 2 tables in each page. Both coping it to Coda directly and to Excel ended up as a fail.

As you can see its a price list so it something that is gonna change weekly. My final goal is to have it in a table where it filters and highlight the ones ill need the most (such as categories, cheapest and so on)

Is there no way that your supplier can give it to you in a format that is not PDF?

PDF is really not a good medium for data interchange…

Yeah totally. I contact them and asked for it, still waiting for an answer. It´s just that I am already looking for a plan B

This works pretty well on the image I think:

It’s too bad the table has those header rows, those will be a bit tricky to deal with.

Thanks Nick! I really appreciate your help! Thanks a lot!

If you have a subscription to ChatGPT, you can also upload the PDF/Image to the Code Interpreter model, and specify that you want it to output the data as a table in Markdown format.

Then you can copy and paste it into a Coda table! It’ll probably take a bit of work getting ChatGPT to output it in the correct format, but once you figure out the prompt, you can reuse the prompt for any new documents!

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