Combining two arrays into one string

I’m currently using Shopify pack to import orders data, and I’m having trouble combining two columns into one.

Each cell for Line Items column is an array of objects, and each cell in quantity column is an array of integers. I am trying to combine the two columns to generate a new column that look something like “itemName x2, itemName x3”

FormulaMap(Line_Items, concatenate(Line_Items.Name, " x", Quantity[INDEXOF(line_items)]))

I was thinking something like the above, but I’m having trouble figuring out getting the index. (not sure if this is something that coda supports)

It would be of immense help if this can be resolved.

Thank you in advance!

You can definitely do it! In order to imitate an index in a loop you can use a

Sequence(1 , items.count()).forEach(withName(currentValue, index, …normal loop logic))

Send a free shot of your setup and the columns and intended output and happy to help more!