Is it possible to merge lists?


Is it possible in Coda to “merge” the items of two lists? In the below example, I want to merge the blue column with the yellow column to get the (hard coded) result in the green column. Is this possible in Coda? (I’ve tried FormulaMap(CurrentValue) every way I can think to try it, but unable to get result in green column.)


Hello @Ander,

Looks like you can do this with a Sequence, FormulaMap, and Slice!

[Desired Result] is:

=Sequence(1,Count(fruits),1).FormulaMap(Concatenate(fruits.Slice(CurrentValue,CurrentValue),": ",[notes.split()].Slice(CurrentValue,CurrentValue))).BulletedList()

edit: even easier with Nth instead!
[Desired Result] is:

=Sequence(1,Count(fruits),1).FormulaMap(Concatenate(fruits.nth(CurrentValue),": ",[notes.split()].nth(CurrentValue))).BulletedList()

Which produces the below, hope this helps!
Thanks, Bobby


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nth wasn’t working for me, but your passing in of CurrentValue solves that problem.

I also couldn’t figure out how to generate that for loop, but your use of Sequence solves that problem (if I’m interpreting your formula correctly).