How to add multiple values outputed on the same column

Hello guys, i’m learning how to make Coda Packs and i’ve found a problem that i’m not sure how to fix, maybe because it’s Monday or because i’m still asleep.

I’m using an API from another webpage that returns me an array of multiple products on a order, where each product has different prices.
Reference image:


I’m trying to add up those rows where the order has multiple products, but i don’t know why. Could someone help me?

EDIT: Just changed the value of the row to Number currency instead of plain number

Hey @Pedro_Jimenez ! Just wanted to give you the heads up that I’ve moved this post to the Making Packs section of our Community in hopes that you will get some additional help from our awesome Community members who are also Pack Makers.

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Hi @Pedro_Jimenez - Looking at your formula box, it appears that you are correctly returning this data as an array of numbers. To sum it up, I think you simply need to add .Sum() to the end of your formula.

It was as simple as that and i was so confused and obsfucated! :sweat_smile:
Thanks, it worked, i don’t know how i didn’t see it.

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