SUMPRODUCT for more than 2 lists/arrays?

Hi, is it possible to use the SUMPRODUCT() function on more than two lists or arrays?

In sheets/excel SUMPRODUCT() works for 30 arrays but here in coda it’s limited to 2. Do you have any idea how could I achieve the results in coda? Is there a workaround?

In my use case I have a table with 3 columns and in each row I have equally sized list of numbers in each cell (see below). The last column would be the SUMPRODUCT() of the 3 lists in each row. In this example below I used SUMPRODUCT() for the first two columns (since the 3rd one’s value is 1 everywhere) but I’d like to include a third column as well:


Thanks a lot!

Try this:


Turns out by combining Sequence and FormulaMap you have a classic for loop!


Thank you very much!

Unfortunately I didn’t get a notification when you replied so meanwhile I came up with the exact same solution but your answer could have save me a lot of time and frustration :smiley:

I’m also posting here your Tips&Hacks post about the general idea behind the solution:

It’s a really smart hack that can come handy in a lot of different situations.
Thanks again!

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