Community forum: add "Votes" column to be able to sort suggestions by most/least voted

It would be useful, when searching the suggestion box category for interesting feature requests we may also need / want to be able to search suggestions by number of votes, to constructively but “strategically” display our support for a request, be it already much upvoted, or on the contrary “unjustly” little voted.

Hi there, you can do that using these tabs:

These should reorder the topics by number of views, activity, and by number of votes.

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Hi @steph , sorry but based on my tests, it is not the case. Be it “replies”, “views” or “activity”, none of this tab sorts the list by number of votes. (“replies” are not the same of “votes”, contrarily to what your message seems to imply)

Have you tried the other blue box highlight that has “Votes”? It’s in the top row in my screenshot.

Woooops ! Sorry @steph I really had not seen all this part of the UX ! It had not reach my cortex !
Indeed it works then.

Many thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

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My pleasure! I’m certain the new UX has been a learning experience for everyone. I’m glad this works as you’d expect. I wouldn’t want voting not to be sortable in an area that accepts votes. :laughing:

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