Company Budgeting System

We are a pre-revenue startup. We want to build a Company Budgeting System on Coda. This should cover monthly/annual budgets for all the teams inside the company. The managers or team leads would be checking this on a frequent basis to maintain their expenses. How should i approach this? If someone has used/built a similar thing, please share! If not, please share links of similar templates or youtube videos on this. Thanks :slight_smile:

HI Mehul,

Welcome back!

Even as an enthusiastic Coda supporter, my first questions HAS to be, why not use an accounting package?

If you do want to use Coda, I would suggest the following:

  • A chart of accounts table, with a list f all the accounts you will be using
  • A transaction table(s) with the details of the amounts per month per account.
    Whether you use a single table for actuals and budgets, or split them into two is a matter of personal choice.
    For your actuals you can upload the electronic info your bank provides. Depending on your country there is also the possibility of using a pack to communicate with your bank.
  • Reporting tables and views that allows you to view the information as needed, eg budget vs actual, Year to date, monthly, etc.