Compare a value to 2 columns to get a 3rd column

Hi everyone here,

I am building a table where people enter their household size and annual income, and I automatically classify them into 3 groups: Under Poverty, Low Income and Above Poverty with a guide of another table.

Here is the doc:

I would like your help to build a formula that will take the person’s household size and annual income, compare it to the reference table and classify them.

Any Help is appreciated!

Hey there!

I just edited your doc as requested - Will follow up with more explanation as to how/why I did what I did in a moment. Let me know if it works

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Mind a roast-the-doc video on your solution?

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Roast-the-doc??? (Had to get 20 characters in haha)

You saying you gonna roast me on my solution as being inefficient? Go ahead! The more roasting the more learning.


Well here you go :slight_smile: No hard feelings. And of course in the beginning I was mistaken with the table I referred to, but I hope you got the point.

The solution on Page 2 was okay, but with a very weird Switch formula.

@Connor_McCormick1 — I see you’ve also added your solution, but you probably did it after my edits. I directly edited the doc while recording the video

Also let me remind you of this very accurate graph and that I’m Eastern European :slight_smile:


Thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir and @Paul_Danyliuk, I ended up using the solution is page 2 & 3.

The household size field on the data entry form is dropdown as of page 2&3 solution

Haha I made mine, then looked at the other solutions and I was like… this is the same as what I made, what did Paul dislike :confused: ?

Good criticisms overall! Can’t wait for my turn at Roast the Doc!

Worth noting, Paul, the thought of having a doc roasted by The Paul D might discourage posting questions or helping from others in the community.

I do love the content you’re putting out it’s a great learning tool.

I wonder how we might make Roast the Doc seem like an invitation to learn and not like something is wrong?


Sure, one needs to be open minded to understand being roasted in part of the learning and not be discouraged

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