Sort by relevance / Filtering information in graphs / Formula Help!

I have graphs that capture ongoing data on the same graphs. I need a way to be able to sort through info based on when the column was created (newest to oldest) & other options like which one got the most “thumbs up”. Please help if you know the formula for these!! & check out the doc too… “Social Recommendation List” @Cyrus_Janssen

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Dear @Cyrus_Janssen,

It is for sure possible, would you mind to share a dummy copy of your doc?

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Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets ! Yes I’d love to share the doc. Unfortunately its not letting me post the link here on the thread. Is there an email I can contact you with or another way of sharing that you know of? Thank you as well, this is much appreciated!

Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets, are you sure it’s possible using columns? :upside_down_face:

Dear @Cyrus_Janssen,

I am only trying to support in the community at my best knowledge.
Sharing a dummy doc in the community isn’t that difficult,

Go to your dummy doc, go to share and choose " everybody with a link" as in the screenshot:

Then when you go to embed, you click the button " copy embed" and are able to past your doc in your post

Just take that the doc doesn’t contain sensitive info and preferable only the necessary content to try to help you out

@Mario in reading:

[column name].created() // should do the job and then to sort this column accordingly

thisrow.[tumbs up] // and then you can sort the column accordingly - see sample in post below for your kind reference!

On purpose I ask the post a sample, just to be sure to work towards the expected result of the person asking. :thinking:

Believe me or not @Jean_Pierre_Traets but i’ve never used formulas on columns :star_struck:
I thought it was impossible to get out any type of data from columns, you teach’d me something new :sweat_smile:

From my trials i can only get this behaviour with .created or .createdby, but with other formula i get the operation performed on the list of rows, i’d love if you could help me understand deeper the limitation of working with columns!

Dear @Mario,

Here you go.

Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets, Thanks for the example but i was aware of this kind of sorting let’s say based on cell number or content!
But i think @Cyrus_Janssen was referring to data changing in columns and sorting of columns (i mean, left and right) and not rows (up and down).
I’m used to like normal behaviour of formulas like table.column to generate a list of row or some kind of filtration or whatever operations, but in just 2 cases, with created and createdby, you get info based not on rows or part of them but on the column! Like who created THAT particular column and WHEN! :star_struck: