In Table Options, make [filter/sort/group]-by fields searchable (or at least alphabetize)

I’m DESPERATE to have these lists (below) either searchable or at the very least, alphabetized. Currently they’re all willy-nilly - I’m guessing in the order they appear in the table, which is sort of useless, unless you have memorized the order of your columns (which - who does that?).

When you have lots of columns in a table, as I always do, it can take FOR—EVER to find that one column you want to sort, filter, or group by.

This is a task I do probably 20-30 times a day, and every time, it bruises my soul and chips away at my love for Coda a tiny bit. That love is vast and huge, but not infinite. Please, I’m begging, do this small thing for me?

Hi @Kelly_Claus,
while your request certainly makes sense from a general perspective, do you know you can sort your data directly from the column itself? (from the contextual menu of the column).

So you basically can avoid to search for it from that interface.

Hey @Federico_Stefanato, yes, I usually do that when I have just a single parameter. But when I have more than one, I need to use the options panel (right?).

Hello @Kelly_Claus ,

Another way to find something really quick is to use a textbox and a filter. It is a bit of work to set it up properly, but once setup, you’ll find anything in your table without having to know which column is holding the item.

When your tables get really big, it might take a while for the search (which is actually a filter) finds what you need, but it is for sure quicker than browsing through your columns.

A sample of this can be found in my document about halfway on the page: samples and resources by Joost

Of course you can always use your browser search (CTRL-F) to find anything in an opened table - it’s perhaps not the nicest way to find things, but it works.


@joost_mineur This Doc you’ve shared is AMAZING. Thank you.

And still, my problem persists:

It’s less about trying to find something than it is setting up views that are pre-sorted, pre-grouped, pre-filtered.

I’m building out CRMs and data entry SOPs for clients. Every SOP page has several steps (i.e., enter the donation, add the donation to a campaign, tag it in xyz way, etc., etc.), and each of those steps has its own specific view of the same table. Most pages have 5-10 different views, and I need to filter/group/sort each of them in a different way.

While I know how to use controls and all that, I don’t want to burden my clients with that part when I can have it all pre-set before they even get into the system. (I mean, it’s kind of what they’re paying me to do…)

Anyways, setting all that up is where I’m having the issue. For a table with 50 columns, looking at that dropdown list can make a girl go cross-eyed. Know what I mean?

Hey @Kelly_Claus,

Yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes we have to do all the hard work :slight_smile:

And I realize I didn’t answer your question.

There is a work around, is is a bit of work to setup, but it is a one time setup (for each table). Once setup, you can sort from a select list and this list can be sorted (standard option for select list). Paul Danyliuk has worked this out: Sort / group table with external controls
I am using this for one of my larger tables and it works like a charm.


It sure would be nice to be able to save and name various combinations of filtering, sorting and grouping – and simply call a given combo from a dropdown list, whether on the source table or on one of its views.:grinning: