Filter sidebar search

I love the new filter bar…but the thing still missing is an easy way to search for columns in the filter bar. I end up scrolling a lot to look for the column I want to filter by.

If you use the ‘old’ filter option you get a complete list of all the columns you can use in the (personal) filter bar. Or do I misunderstand your post?

Hi Joost, I tend to have many columns so it would be helpful to have a search bar on top instead of having to scroll through all of them, similar to what already exists elsewhere:

Hey @Karina_Mikhli ,

I misunderstood what you meant, I kind of visualized you scrolling left to right through the table to search for columns (which was initially the only way to add these personal filters to the filter bar). that option is still visible, but does not work anymore:


No worries :). I have added interactive filters (which I guess are now “canvas controls”?) many a time just that way, but when I want to add other filters, I usually use the sidebar…and then have to do lots of scrolling, especially since the columns aren’t in true alphabetical order.