How to Search Columns when Adding Related Columns

When adding a related column, how can I search or filter for the desired column by typing its name like you can do from the “Columns” option at the top of a table? Is this not possible?

Right now all it pulls up is a random(?) list of all my columns. No prob if the related table only has 5 columns, but if you’re dealing with a large table with many columns, having to scroll through all of them really can slow down productivity.

Is there a way to search that I’m just not seeing? Or at least a way to sort the column list alphabetically or by column type for easier locating?

I feel like I’m missing something basic, but I’m not finding it.

I know exactly what you’re asking . . .

One suggestion is . . . add a new column with your related table – let’s say it’s called RelatedTable

For each new column, select your data type and set a formula to RelatedTable.ColumnName (or whatever the columns are called)

It’s not ideal, but you can explicitly select the column name using auto-complete instead of searching through a list.

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