Comparing 2 Column value


Hi all,

I copy value of content column from table 1 to table 2 using formula.
Then I would like to compare value between Content and Typing Content column as below but it does not work.
This is because every single value in Content column is a row, but every value in Typing Content column is a text.
Could you please help me to solve this issue ?


If you already have the row reference, you can ‘dot-walk’ to the text by changing your formula to be:

thisRow.Content.Content=thisRow.[Typing Content] and thisRow.Content.IsNotBlank().

To expand a bit:

  • thisRow - gives a reference to the current row in the formula
  • .Content - references the column named ‘Content’, which happens to be a reference to a row
  • .Content - as the current context is a row reference, we can access properties of that row. This is the ‘Content’ property of the row specified in the ‘Content’ column of Table 2.

I would probably rename the column in Table 2 to be clearer; ContentRow for example, to help avoid any confusion.

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It works correctly, thank you.



I have tried “dot-walk” but it does not work in test column
You pls have a check and teach me: