Comparing two tables

I’m trying to compare two tables and highlight rows that are different between the two tables. My formula in table 2 column 5 is if([table 2]thisRow&[table 1] [table 1].[Row ID],thisTable)

I’m still new to formulas. Any pointers on how to do what I’m trying to do?

Link included if you need access to more than just screenshot.

Hey @shawn_carey ,

Thanks for reaching out through the community! I think some of the data you might be looking for is using relation columns. Here is a great article on that.
Relation Columns
I would make sure that you have the row id’s linked there first, then you can pull in the data you are looking for.

If that isn’t the route you are looking to take I would look at this article here for formulas and creation as Coda formulas take a bit of practice to get used to.
Formulas Basics

I would start there first, but you want to start with the table name first, then how you want to filter it, then then data you are filtering, and how it relates to the table you are in.

I hope that helps! There is also a great set of resources on our YouTube Channel!

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