Comparing Differences Between Two Tables

I would like to have a table and then filter out all items that also appear in another table. I can’t figure out how to do this and would love some assistance or pointing me to a KB article.

What I’m trying to do is this: I have a list of artists I do not enjoy and want to compare that list to another list of artists attending an event. This way I could filter out the artists I know don’t do works that I enjoy. This would help in quickly shortening the list to either artists I like or need to discover.


If you create a lookup of the column containing the unwanted artists and you add them in the table of the artists you want, you will just have to create a filter based on this column.

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If you could share your example surely helps finding the best solution. There could be different options to achieve what you need.
Having two different tables containing list of artists triggers some doubts and they might be merged into one: how this data are fed?


Hi @Kamilla_Foler :blush: and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

As @Federico.Stefanato said, it would be better if you could share a sample/mock-up doc with us so we could you give you a more precise answer :blush:

And just to illustrate this :point_down:

…here’s a quick sample :blush: (Some explanations are below the sample)

There’s an Artists table containing all the artists (enjoyed or not … this is determined using a simple checkbox but it could be something else).

This table is then linked to the Event table through a LookUp field where for each concert I selected one artist from the Artists table.

To filter the Event table so it only displays the concert by the artist I marked as “enjoyed” (i.e.: Enjoy ? checkbox is Checked I created checkbox on the canvas and added this filter formula to the Event table.

thisRow.Artists.[Enjoy ?].Matches([checkbox 1])

So if the canvas checkbox is checked → the table will only display the concert of the Artists marked as Enjoy and if the canvas checkbox is unchecked, the opposite :blush: .

But again, without a sample/mock-up doc of your actual set up this is just a possibility, an idea :innocent:


Hey that’s pretty brilliant! And if the artist isn’t in my first list, I want to leave it in the list so I can add them to the other list as enjoy or not but that’s exactly what I’m going for <3 Thank you.

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