Concatenate formula *outside* of table (in open document)?

Concatenate formula outside of table (in open document)

I have embedded a dropdown select in a section (outside of any tables) which I reference in a formula (below) that looks up items from a table in another section, displaying them as a .BulletedList().

It should look like this, where " (Attachment)" is the suffix I’m trying to add:

• List Item 1 (Attachment)

However, I can’t get the concatenate function to do this; instead—depending on placement—it either 1) displays my suffix as an additional list item, or 2) displays the whole list as one bulleted list item with the suffix at the very end.

Is this not possible?

Thanks in advance. (I so appreciate all the help I’ve received from this community, by the way :pray: )


Concatenate() formula combines all of its parameters into a single text element (it’s basically a smarter version of adding text with +) .

That’s why you need to use it on each element from the list individually.
This can be easily done using the FormulaMap() formula in the following manner:
Which creates following results:

I hope this works for you :slightly_smiling_face:
If not, don’t hesitate to ask more questions in this thread and I’ll try to answer them.


This solution is incredible (so sorry for the late response) !! I never knew about FormulaMap (must not be very well documented?) — extremely useful information Filmos, thank you so much for sharing this with me ! :pray: