Concatenate people fields breaks formatting

Hi all, I’m building a project task manager using tables with the goal of importing the people fields from the task and sub-task tables into the project table.

I’ve tried using Concatenate(thisRow.Tasks.Collaborators, thisRow.Sub-Tasks.Owner) which does combine the fields, but the users lose the formatting and show up as “@personsname” instead of being a user pill.

Is there a better way to automatically add users on a sub-task and task into the “collaborators” column on a project?

only work round i have seen is to use conditional formtting

Hello Peter, I would add a people column to your Project tabler with multiple selection set to on. then, set its formula to:

ListCombine(thisRow.Tasks.Collaborators, thisRow.[Sub-Tasks].Owner).Unique()


Perfect! This works great!

Thank you so much!

Hey folks, Ramesh, Codan here, we just launched the Compose column that lets you use a freeform editor to write and format text as well as reference data from columns (using @) and elsewhere (using = to write a formula). This can likely help in this use case and in future cases where you might have used Concatenate() or Format() formulas.


Hi @Ramesh_Nagarajan ,

This feature is great, intuitive, and saves so much trouble compared to Concatenate() and Format(). It should get it’s own [Launched] community post :slight_smile:

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