Grouping of People Columns

I have a development project/task table which includes several People columns for the various team members who are responsible at different stages (e.g. Design, Front-End, Back-End, QA)

I’m looking to create a summary column which lists all of those people who are involved in a project/task. I’ve managed to do this with a LIST formula and I can see the people avatars in the column but they display alongside an error saying that the values are “not valid person references”

Any ideas in the community for an alternative approach to this?

Hi Harry, welcome to the community.

Apparently you ran into a type problem: The People column type expect a single person per row, however you added a list of people, hence the error message.

Does it have any impact on your doc other than visual?

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Hey @Dalmo_Mendonca, doesn’t seem to be anything other than visual so all is good :slight_smile:

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