How to convert a list of text values to a list of People values

Hello dear Coda Community.

I have been working on a meeting system from where I extract Tasks (TD - Todos) from a canvas column.

Here are the Tasks for example:

From that list, I extracted the Tasks it self with a regex:

And the People:
But in the process, I am losing the reference to the “Person”:

Any idea how it could be transformed to a list of People?

Thank you.

Salut @William_Lambe1 , sympa de voir quelques francais :wink:

So, I recreated a simple version of your subject, with a list of people, and their “Nickname” (in your case the name that will be displayed and retrieved from your canvas TD:X)

This a way simpler version but just to show

Then, you just need to make the link between the nickname and the people with this formula

Of course the “Nickname” and what you retrieve from your canvas must have the exact same syntax, no blank spaces, etc…

J’espère que c’est bon pour toi :wink:

EDIT : this work also with multiple people, see example :slight_smile:


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