Turning First Name Last Name into a People Reference?

I have a table of names and I want to turn them into People references so I can
Notify them. Is there a way to go from a name “Jane Doe” into a Person? I tried just turning the column with text names into People, didn’t work (even though the names matched 1:1). Also tried concatenating with “@” but to no avail.

Anyone know how?

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Hello @Ryan_Nier!
For this you would need to create a People table. Having a row for every person and then, back to your original table, filter the People table with its Name with the help of the next formula:


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I’m having people-kinda questions, too. Is this something I’d want to do with (external) clients? i.e. I might have forms they can fill, eventually, but I will generally not want them to be able to access most of what I’m building in Coda, due to other clients’ privacy, etc.

Is it still advisable/safe-ish to make clients ‘people’ (in Coda, haha) and just limit permissions, or is it better to keep their names more as ‘text data,’ in this case?