Populating Values from Table to a Table

Hello everyone! help me out with a problem I am stuck with.
So basically, I have a master table where I have general information about the people such as their gender, age, etc (each row for each person’s information). Now I have made a separate table for each person on different pages.

Any idea about formulas I can use to match the name of the specific person on the first table with the second table and then derive all the information such as the gender, age, etc on the second table. Note that I need a way that can show the change in information in the second table automatically if i make changes in information in the first table.

To understand my problem better, I have attached the layout of my tables as well. Waiting for your response. Thank you!

Hello You can keep the same table and just the filter depending on the user who consults.

For example :

Otherwise to retrieve a user’s information from another table. You have to create a “test table” selection and choose the user and then creates columns by reference.

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The main and reference tables are both on different pages. I want to make changes on the name table which should reflect the data on the reference table using the row value of display column and column name value.
example, x-axis and y-axis.

As the previous poster suggested, the way to do it, is to make “views” of the table in your destination page, and filter the info as required. You can rearrange the columns in any way you want to.

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