Conditional Column Visibility

Is there any way to make columns Visible/Hide based on certain conditions? (similar to conditional formatting)
Use Case: Logging client interactions. If I select “phone call” in the interaction type column, then the following columns should become visible: phone number, notes, call back; whereas if I select “client visit” as the interaction type: the phone related columns would remain Hidden, and the following columns would be visible: address, date, reason for visit.

I am using a button to add new clients/interactions.


Great idea @Lizeth_P_Gomez_Uscategui! This feature is not currently available but we’ll log it for our roadmap!


I would add to this conditional field display in general, including within a form. That would be amazing.


+1 on this request. Any update @Al_Chen_Coda?

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Hi @Koen73, I don’t have any updates on this feature, unfortunately :frowning:. One workaround is to have multiple sections that show/hide the columns you need. For instance, in @Lizeth_P_Gomez_Uscategui’s original post, you would have one section for “Phone call” which would only show the phone number, notes, and call back columns and another section for “Client visit” that would only show the address, date, and reason for visit columns.

Is there anyway to configure conditional column visibility in forms? EG after field one is populated, field two becomes visible. Thanks and first POST!

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We currently do not support conditional visibility of columns within forms @Allen_M, but I can definitely log your vote for that feature request! Congrats on your first post :slight_smile:

I would definitely use this feature.

Came here looking for a solution like this as well. I’d like to incorporate a resource column that only I have access to. (It would be links to Slack conversations that others could literally not access so I’d rather not confuse them.)

+1 to this feature. I came here looking to display a progress bar only under certain conditions. As of time of this response, an “if” in the column still shows a blank progress bar, so I wanted to hide the column entirely.


This would be great. A range of toggles could be selected. Only once selected would the relevent columns become visible. Making for decluttered forms and tables.

Happy to see how hard Coda is working on implementing new features. This one must be very hard to achieve, as of its now already 5y in development.

+1 from my side… not that this would change anything obviously


Hi Simon,

I see that you are new on the community, so not up to date with all the latest functionalities and solutions.

It is actually possible to do this, and has been for at least a year.
Here is a simple example:

Here is where I used the technique in a document for the evolution of the todo list competition last year this time to enable the capture of messages/ action items of growing complexity.


I dont see where I can show/hide stuff based on a condition? Only thing I can see is a disabled button.

Hi Simon,

I am not sure why you couldn’t get either of the docs to work for you.

I have made a recording showing the buttons in action, as well as provided an explanation of the logic behind it.


Hi @Ad_min

This might help you with the question you have asked the community.