Conditional format a group if all activities are completed within group

I am trying to highlight a group blue if all the line items within the group are completed. It is helpful so people do not keep opening groups that are complete to check for any incomplete activities.

Hi @Ty_McLellan and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I think conditional formatting doesn’t really work on groups (it can be applied but it won’t appear when the table is grouped)… Except (kind of) if the field you use to group your table is a relation field (because relation field can pass formatting) :blush: .

So, you wouldn’t apply the conditional formatting directly on the grouped table, but on the table storing the values of the relation field later used to group …

Here’s a quick sample to illustrate :blush:

The first table has been grouped by the relation field Groups (which links each rows in the table Table to a row in the table Groups) and I’ve marked as complete (using the checkbox Complete) all the rows within the [Group 1].

Now, in the table Groups there’s a Linked relation field gathering back all the rows from table Table tied to a specific group in the table.
Next to it, there’s a related column (called [Complete - Count True]) which counts how many rows has been marked as Complete for each group in the table using this Coda generated formula:

thisRow.Table.Complete.CountIf(CurrentValue = true)

And this is the value I used to add the blue conditional formatting on the Groups table which is then transferred to the table :blush: .

thisRow.[Complete - Count True] = thisRow.Table.Count()

I hope this helps :innocent:

Thank you I will try this solution!

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