Conditional format for groups

Hi there,

is it possible to apply a conditional format rule onto a group?


Can you explain more what you mean?

When I really need some sort of conditional formatting in a group, I concatenate a rectangle().clipCircle() onto a value and get a display like this:

If you give more info on your context or ask im sure I can assist!

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Hey Scott,

thanks for your answer. I was trying to strike through a group if all sub-tasks of that group are done:

The conditional formating only works if I ungroup the tasks.

You will need to put the conditional formatting rule on the Task table where Task 1 is from. The formula for the rule would look something like:
thisRow.Subtasks.CountIf(Not(Done)) = 0

Then be sure to, in the configuration for column Task on Overview Tasks table, make sure that “Apply Styling” is checked (which is default).

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense to you and I’d be happy to help you know where to put these formulas.

(P.S. the reason why my solution works and yours doesn’t is because you cannot format grouped columns, but you can group by (pre)formatted values. Though I agree that it would be convenient and intuitive if you could format group columns with conditional formatting like you tried to do.)

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