Tables with Grouping - Allow Formatting of the Grouped Column

When you use grouping for a table the column that is grouped loses any formatting and it doesn’t seem possible to manually or programmatically format the values in that field

I’d like that grouped column to be styled with larger text, bold etc so it stands out more. Maybe this is possible but I can see how?

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Seems to be working for me. I just double clicked on the text to open the cell, and then applied formatting as usual. Maybe I’m missing something.

So If my group column type is Text and I double click in a grouped cell I can then change the formatting but it doesn’t save it. Reverts back to the previous formatting as soon as I hit enter or click out of the cell. I do seem to be able to format Text group cells if I format the column before I apply the grouping.

But what I forgot to mention before is my group column is a select list. And looking into this further it seems that there is very limited formatting of select lists even when there is no grouping. So maybe what I am really requesting is better formatting options for select lists :slight_smile:

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A workaround for this trouble would be to transform your select list into a table (meaning that the field you use to group your table would become a lookup) and apply the formatting on this new table.

As lookups can carry-over styling/formatting (conditional or not) :blush:

Simple formatting :

Conditional Formatting :

But I agree, it’s just a workaround that might seem a little bit superfluous, even though it does the work :wink: .


Thanks Pch, that does offer some formatting for select lists, hopefully they’ll expand on it in the future. Cheers

You’re welcome :blush: !