Conditional Format a Stand Alone Formula on Canvas

I’ve got a formula written directly into the canvas that shows the difference in enrollment from the first day. It changes as students enter or drop. I’d like to format it so that if it’s a positive number (enrollment increases), it turns green and if we move into a negative number (aka, we’ve lost students!), it’ll turn red.

I know how to do it on a table, but I have no clue when it’s all by itself!

Hi @Cherise_Clark,

I want this too and it’s not something that we have at the moment. I’ve done the following to kind of fake it though…

Create two formulas instead of just one and use If() statements, so one will display the value if it’s true and the other will hide it. Then you can use the text editor to color those formula fields, one green and one red.

If(Enrollment > 0, Enrollment, " ") If(Enrollment <= 0, Enrollment, " ")

These as two separate formulas on the canvas can be styled separately. And there is a space between the double quotes to keep brackets from showing for a blank value.

Not perfect, but it does work and it’s nice to see colors. :slight_smile: