Conditional format VS Conditional Format Union

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Doing some debugging on a doc and I came across something I have not seen before. The Debug Calculations is delineating between “Conditional Format” and “Conditional Format Union”

Does anyones (maybe @BenLee ) have an idea what the difference between those two things are?


cough cough @BenLee
cough cough @Renita
cough cough anyone else who may be able to help

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Hey Scott, good question! It looks like there’s a Conditional format item for each rule in the Projects table. The Conditional format union label just means it’s the first formatting rule (I’m not sure why though- maybe an internal term that escaped us). I tried testing it out earlier and noticed that if you clear the analyzer tool and copy/paste in a table with only 1 formatting rule, that rule will show up as “Conditional format union” with no other Conditional format items beneath it.

I personally want to see matching names between the Conditional Format rules in table options and the analyzer tool (submitting feedback as we speak). Hope this breakdown helps with your analysis!