Configuring a Chart in a Modal

I finally found a good use case for displaying a relation column in a modal as a chart. The problem is, I can’t find a way to configure the chart. I need to find the configuration options to change chart type, data sets, colours, etc.

Has anyone experimented with this?

Just configure it like you would a normal chart - while viewing the table normally in your doc.

Exit out of that detail layout edit view

Thanks for your reply, Scott, but the Vote Results Chart is a relation column in another table. Closing the modal view just brings me back to the table, and I still don’t see where I can configure the chart.

Dont close the modal view, rather just don’t enter the modal EDIT view.

Just in the normal modal view of a row you should be able to configure relation columns as charts, etc.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the question?


This is it, not sure how I missed it. Thanks Scott!

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