Missing the "Display as Table" toggle in Edit Layout?

I might be missing something really obvious here, but I swear there was a “Display at Table” toggle on the relations tables when in the edit layout screens. I was using that toggle as recently as yesterday while customising the layout of a large table into multiple columns for easy viewing. The default view seems to still have what I want in that the relation is a lookup of the default column. But as soon as I go to edit the layout, the relation goes to a table view. Has the toggle moved somewhere else?

To reproduce:

  • Create two tables and then add two way relation column between them
  • Add a row to each of the tables
  • Expand one of the rows
  • This is the default layout and the relation will be a dropdown of the values from the other table
  • Go up to Edit Layout
  • The relation is now showing a full table view instead of the simplified dropdown
  • I can’t seem to make it go back to just a dropdown while in a non-default layout

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Alex3 and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

Well, I looked everywhere but couldn’t find the toggle either :thinking:

I’m also not sure why only linked relation fields are forcibly displayed as subtables …
I mean, why not also relation fields :woman_shrugging: ?

From what I’ve seen in the detail layout editor relation fields could be potentially interpreted as select list instead of relation fields, for some reasons …
(unless it was working like this previously :thinking: )

There’s a selection style options for linked relation fields but it doesn’t seem to do much when used on a “forced” linked relation subtable :thinking:

Also in the case of a linked relation field, the detail layout editor seem to think the concerned field is more than just a select list

Seen on Mac + Chrome (v114+)

Update @Alex3 :raised_hands: : It’s a known bug which is currently worked on :grin: ! So it should be fixed real soon !

Thank you @Pch for your own testing and the bug update.

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Looks like it’s fixed!

Yup confirmed! Thanks for the quick feedback and turnaround.

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 11.50.06 am

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I can confirm too :grin: !

Thank you Dear Codans for the quick fix :raised_hands: !

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