Connecting Milestone column to counts from two separate tasks column

I am trying to calculate the number of tasks associated to a milestone as a percentage. So far I am able to count the tasks but don’t know how to associate them with each milestone. For reference, each milestone has tasks on the same table.

Here is my equation so far:
*([UE Client Tasks].Filter(Status=Done).Count().Sum() + [View of Client Staff Tasks].Filter(Status=Done).Count().sum())/([UE Client Tasks].Filter([Project Name].Contains([Client],[Client])).Count().Sum() +[View of Client Staff Tasks].CountAll().Sum())100

With the above equation every row is putting the same number but should show different percentages based on the milestone column.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Catrina_Bowen and welcome to the Coda Community!

It’s much easier for me and others to help you if you share your doc with us!

We can take a look into the formulas and everyone can make a copy of the document so we don’t get in the way of each other.

Please follow these instructions to share your doc with the Coda Community:

Thanks in advance.


Hi Jannis,

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to share the document as it has client information on it. Would it be better if I create a new page and copy the tables without any of the client’s information?

Hi @Catrina_Bowen,

yes, that would help a lot.