Remaining Task Counter

I’m making a renovation tracker, to keep track of contractors and subcontractors for various tasks during a renovation.

It has three tables:

  1. a 2Do Kanban board (cards),
  2. a Companies
    table from coda’s CRM template
  3. and the Contactstable also from coda’s CRM template

I want to link the To-Do Kanban board to the Companies table with a Remaining Tasks column. I need it to count only those in the 2Do that meet the following requirements:

  • the Company in the Row listed through the Company Contacts (Contact in the 2Do Table)
  • the Status is only To-Do or Doing
  • each task should only be counted once per Company

Here is the link to the Coda, you can copy it to your own workspace.

This is one of my many attempts:

Hi @Jana_Lumi,

This will do it:

Copy this into your formula:

[2Do].Filter(Contact.Contains(thisRow.[Company Contacts]) AND (Status=Doing OR Status=[To-Do])).Count()

In your attempt you didn’t add .Count() to the end of your formula so it would try and return the resulting rows and not their count. Also you don’t no need to use List in this Contains scenario.

Hope this helps.

All the best


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Got it working, Dale!! Thx :slight_smile:

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