Progress Bar - Coda (OKR)

I’m setting up my OKRs inside of Coda, I’m using the Progress Bar.

Now everything is 0 to 100.

If I have a key result such as Write 12 blog posts, can I configure the Maximum to be 12 for that Key Result or no?


You can calculate percentage using a formula
*.count()/12 * 100


You don’t have to set the maximum to a static value of 100 and normalize anything to those 100 — you can make it a formula to get your count differently for each row, e.g. (28)

@Paul_Danyliuk, Am I doing this right?

I want to add the max to be 25 ?

No — the “calculate” formula is to get the value. The value is your ....Count() of whatever you need to show (i.e. the formula that would return your actual progress: 1 if 1/24 tasks done, 10 if 10/24 done, 24 if all done etc). To set up the maximum value for the progress bar, you do that in Settings → Max Value.

I mean, many people overlook the fact that it doesn’t have to be a fixed number (i.e. by default it’s 100) but can be a formula that calculates to a different number based on the context of the row it’s in (i.e. rows are Key Results, and for each KR there’s a list of Objectives, and hence the formula for the Maximum Value setting will be something like thisRow.Objectives.Count())

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