Progress bar date formula

I have a table with a start and end date. I have added a column as a progress bar and am trying to include a formula which represents the progress relative to today’s date, as a percentage. The formula that I’m trying to apply is…
Progress Percentage=( Current Date −Start Date / End Date−Start Date )×100

In Coda syntax, I’ve used: (Today()-Seasons.Start/Seasons.End-Seasons.Start)*100

This accurately shows no progress for items where the start date is a future date. For all entries where the start date is in the past and the end date is in the future, it’s showing a full bar with “value is currently greater than max”.

I’m guessing the issue is with my syntax but I can’t seem to find the solution…

I believe I figured this out. Seems that I have to do additional groupings.

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