Dynamic progress bar that increase during the time

I need to add a progress bar to my Coda document that advances as time passes. I set a start and an end (for example, April 1st to April 30th), and the bar should progress as the days go by. Could someone help me with the formula? Thank you very much.

If you’re just using the progress bar element, this should work. You can input your own dates.

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For an advanced approach (depending on what you’re needing), see this post - Dynamic Progress Bar within the Label's Button 💡

Thanks, guys!

I tried @Micah_Lucero 's formula with the adjustment of @Rohan_Mitchell , but it didn’t work for me. I probably did something wrong.

Please see the following images, which better represent what I’m trying to achieve. Basically, I would like to set a start and end date, and dynamically the progress bar should show how much time is left.

Is it possible to achieve this with Coda?

Thanks a lot!

The slider input is based on numbers, therefore you need to represent dates as numbers.

Day(Now()) is not a good solution since it will reset and give misrepresenting info as the new month comes. You can use a formula similar to…

If( Today().ToNumber() > [date 2].ToNumber(), [date 2].ToNumber(), Today().ToNumber() )

if you don’t want the red error button when today is over the end date. Also now() consumes significantly more resources than today(). Since you only need the date, stick to today().

If you also want text saying a day number, that will be a separate formula referencing the same control inputs.

You can edit and see the doc here. https://coda.io/d/_ddc5vwdQ9Dw/Untitled-page_su4YF

Awesome @Micah_Lucero works really nice!

thank you very much for your help!!!


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I was working from my gmail and had not seen this was solved. My solution is a bit more dynamic in such a way that you don’t have to edit the dates in the progress bar object every month (or every period. Therefore, I will post it anyway, just in case someone has a use for it: