Connecting to Salesforce using a custom domain / sandbox org

I opened a support ticket for this a few months ago and was told “my vote had been added to the feature request table” which is good to know but doesn’t solve my problem so I am trying to ask here again.

I am trying to connect a Salesforce sandbox org to a coda document. Starting from a blank document I follow these steps:

Insert → Packs → Salesforce → Add to Doc → Add new Account

In the Salesforce login screen, I choose use custom domain and enter my domain, username, and password. I know my credentials are correct because I can login when not doing it from a Coda redirect. but when I try to add that account, Coda displays:

Is this at all possible? Thank you for all suggestions and / or workarounds

Hey @MBB! We don’t support connections to sandbox SF environments, which is why you’re seeing that error. That’s also the feature request we filed for you in the ticket you mentioned. You’ll be notified if and when we support this!

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