Connecting to websites without declaring Domains


does anybody know a way for a pack to send http requests without needing to declare the domain?

I’d like to build a little website analyzer pack to check status codes for example.

So, no personal credentials involved.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Tobias_Feistmantl - That’s not a supported use case, by design. We want to ensure that users know where their data is being sent, so network domains need to be declared ahead of time.

That said, a Pack can use an outside API or server to do the checking. For example, I’ve built the Check Host Pack that uses the Check Host service to do URL checking:

You could use that Pack, build one against another similar service, or host your own service that does the checking.

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Hint - the answer is you need exactly one domain; the one the AI system is running on.

  • Build your pack to execute a prompt that builds code;
  • … then runs the code;
  • … then returns the status codes.

Here is the solution roughed in using Bard. The production version should use the PaLM 2 API and it should be instrumented to return JSON data from the API call, and likewise from the Coda Pack function. Then it’s a simple matter of parsing the results.

This cannot be done in Coda AI (presently), but it can be done in PaLM 2, and GPT-4 with certain API access. I [personally] would build this in PaLM 2 because it’s faster and there are no fees [presently], possibly ever.

I built something similar before AGI was around.

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