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Hey Great People!

I’m about 8 weeks into coda.

I’m building out a better way to “write” out my content and experimenting with Coda.

So far, it’s fantastic.

I have a Linkedin Content Writing Doc - I’m drafting out different writing prompts.

Can I create templates?

For example -one template could look like this:


Prompt Description:

  1. Why does the transformation you provide MATTER for the community you serve?
  2. What would change for the community you serve if more people were able to achieve the transformation that you provide? How would the world change for the next generation?
    Paint a picture of what is possible. Be as specific as possible.

I’d love to click a button and have a templates to choose from.

Hi Ashley !

You can make templates in pages and use it in Canvas type columns. You can use a formula to determine the right model after choosing in a list.
Using this, it will work if you can choose the template when you create the row but it won’t change if you change the template in the list I think…

If you need to change it later, depending on the number of templates you need, maybe you can use columns, the “Details” view and different layouts as your templates ?

Let me know if it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!! This is quite helpful :slight_smile: I will try this!

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