Control (select) stops working when published

I’ve searched and haven’t been able to find an answer to this issue.

I have a table of competition results and created a select control where the competitor can choose their name to see a filtered view with just their results.

On the doc editing side, the select control works just fine. When I publish the document, the select list is locked on whatever name I was experimenting with on the back end.

Shouldn’t interactive controls work on the published site?

And if you can see the document side:

I just have a free CODA account right now (and if I upgrade it would only be to the pro level) - so not sure if this is a technical issue or a features issue.

I forgot that I have another question based on some of the posts that I read through while searching. Assuming I can get the select list to work - can multiple people visit the site and use the select list at the same time?

Dear @Mary_Basu,

I copied your doc and published it and the select works.

Not sure the reason, but did you select that everybody with a link can “view” the published doc?


I do have it set to that - although my list looks a little different from yours. This makes me wonder if this is a limitation of a free account.

I contacted Coda today and they had me check the Published tab to see if it was set to view or play. It was set to view. As soon as I saved it to “play”, it began working.

Thanks for the help!

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