Copy column to a new table

I am trying to copy a full column to a new table (NOT a filtered view).
Basically, I want a master table of data and several different tables that employ checklists to apply to this data, but I want the checklists in separate tables, not in the master table.

Could you show us a doc of what you have now and what specific step you’re stuck on?

Dear @Dillon_Solliday,

Without a dummy doc of your case it’s quite guessing, but pls. see the sample @mallika created in this post:

One alternative option is you can copy and paste a full table into another page as a view. Then you can hide all columns in that view (which syncs with the original table) that you only see the column with that data that you want. You wont be able to have that column aside the columns of your second table, but you can have that synced column on the same page below it.