Copy embed content into a column

Hi guys, i’m currently trying to copy the embed content into a column, but i’m not sure if it’s even possible to do that in Coda. Is there anyway to do that? Here’s the doc, if someone can help me!

Hey there! Its a little hard to understand just what you are trying to do with the more limited context you provided. Can you provide more specific context on your ask?

Sure. I want to ask if there’s some way to copy the content from the embed into the column or, alternatively, insert the embed into a column of the table.

you can include the Embed() formula in the formula of a column.

this will then display the embedded iframe content for each row.

but it is a display-only operation. the embed can display data but it cannot exchange data with the coda document.

you can develop your own webapp that receives data via the url parameters and can execute an POST to the coda api to store data in a doc or trigger a webhook automation. but you need to develop that in javascript as a hosted webpage or webapp elsewhere.

but with an embed() of a regular website or webapp, your coda doc cannot access anything it contains.

this is good security. it makes it safe to embed all kinds of content as display-only.


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