Copying Lookup Values -> Formulas broken


I have two tables:

  1. List of parties
  2. People who can be invited to the party

In the list of parties, there is a lookup column for people who can be invited to the party.

I am copying over the values from a sheet, and everything works fine in the list of parties, the people are correctly added as lookup values and I can open their rows by hovering over their name.

HOWEVER, when I add a column to the second table with “List of parties to which that person has been invited”, the formula doesn’t work and displays nothing.

Whenever I then go ahead and remove the copied values + select them from the lookup list, the formula works…

Anyway to fix this bug?

Thank you,

Dear @Sonny_S,

Not sure that I got your point on what doesn’t work, a dummy doc is always recommended to show what you are building!

Did you you when you add a column you can do that in this way and the formula is automatically added :point_down:t3:

As you can see I can add them as many times as you like ( obviously it’s useless)

I would like to see how and where you place the copy? (same doc / other doc) :thinking: :thinking: