"Couldn't find this action in OpenAl" error while using OpenAI plugin for Coda

Hello everyone!

I’m building a doc intended to process my interviews’ transcriptions and summarize them according to my needs.

Transcriptions are lengthy (roughly 60K characters long), and are made by Whisper, therefore contain errors.

I’ve built a doc and added the OpenAI pack for Coda. I have a ChatGPT 4 API key, and the model I’m using is “gpt-4-32k”.
I’m using “AnswerPrompt” formula as a part of a button action.

For input I’m using the transcript + a prompt from me, concatenated into a single text string (Canvas field type).

The problem: Pushing the button consistently returns no output and a “Couldn’t find this action in OpenAl” error.

I tried to shorten the transcript, yet to no avail.
As I asked ChatGPT-4 for advice it suggested that there may have been changes in API.

What could possibly be the issue?

It’s very unlikely you have access to the 32k model with your GPT4 key. Does it work with the regular gpt-4 model?

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