Interface with Chat GBT is not working

I have some email writing Coda program a friend of mine set up for me that were working 6 month ago. Now in even the smallest promt going to GPT4 i get the error Open AI took too long to respond Then when i click on prompt this shows up Pack Formula Error, Open AI took too long to respond, Contact pack maker. This used to happen occasionally on the biggest prompts but after a few clicks and waiting it would create the email, now nothing is working.

I’ve also had this issue, I switched from using the chat GPT coda pack to just using coda’s built in AI. You can also use custom prompts with coda’s AI as well and has been working well for me.


do you do freelance work? A genius friend of mine built me this Ferrari of a email building system but this one glitch in the last step seems to make it useless and I am not Coda savvy since I did not set it up, he did. I just play around with the prompts and data for it to synthesise to get better results.

Please let me know if you have any interest in helping me switch over to Coda’s AI, my sense is that most of what was built still is working, it just needs a cleaner and more direct line to AI. If you want to take a look then give me a price I would appreciate it.


Hey @Rhys_Thomas, sorry for the delay! Yes, I do freelance work. Helping people improve their workflows and building out systems in Coda is my fulltime position. If you have not figured out a solution yet, you can email me at and I can take a look to see whats going on.