Detailed instructions on OpenAI pack formulas


I’m testing and playing around with the possibilities that the OpenAI pack can allow. Using the basic formulas like Prompt( ), Summarize(), Keywords( ) or CreateDalleImage( ) seems pretty straightforward. However, not being able to understand the purpose and correct way to use the ChatCompletion() , GPT3PromptExamples() and QuestionAnswer() formulas. Has anyone used them and can tell how to use them, perhaps showing an example?

thank you!

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Hi Marcio,

I haven’t had a chance to use the Open AI pack much myself, but I’ll share this link here with you. It takes you to the Coda Gallery with a handful of templates and published docs that use the Open AI pack. With any luck, some of those docs will have clear examples of those formulas. Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you James. I had already studied the pack’s page and some docs that are suggested as examples, but initially, I didn’t find any that use the more advanced formulas of the pack. I hope more people will use and post their usage examples.

I would agree, its not as straightforward as I would like, and the example from the premade doc from Coda is giving me an error (doesn’t say why)

Hi @Benjamin_Wilson ,
It also happened to me to give error without explanation. In the end it was because I was using the free API. When I registered my credit card, it started working. But don’t worry, I’ve made hundreds of requests and it still hasn’t reached $1.

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I went and did what you said and it got fixed! Thanks! It is now processing things smoothly. It still doesn’t process inputs as large as normal chatgpt, but it does process small inputs about the size of a paragraph or less.

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