Count items (names) in a field that has multiple names selected

Hi All,

Maybe I am missing something very obvious, I have a name field with 3 names selected (example)
image but when I do a count on that field I get 1 instead of 3.
Is there a way to do a count that gives me 3 as a result?

Hi @Remco_de_Louw :blush: !

Per your screenshot you have a list of names (which would count as 1 item) as illustrated by the squared brackets surrounding your names ([ ]) and not just 3 names (3 items) :blush:

Depending on how you get those names/your current setup, there might be multiple ways to count those names but I guess you could try to flatten the list using ListCombine(), maybe…

If this is a related column and this list of names is linked in a way or another to a relation/linked relation field, you might want to check if that field is set as multi-select… potentially :blush:

Hi! Thanks for your reply.
This is the formula that gets the data:
The original field is also a formula : sort([Volledig Adresboek].Filter(Organisatie.Contains(thisRow)&&Conventie.Contains(Conventies.Filter(Active=true))),ascending: true)

Maybe you could try this :thinking:


Thanks for the suggestion, that makes it all one item as well, I got it to work but I don’t really understand why. The original column was a text field with a formula, I now made it a select list with the same formula and then it works? Weird haha.

hi @Remco_de_Louw ,

we don’t see the table, so we have no idea about the values in living in the display column, but
could you try this in which I assume that the column Dealer is the display column.


Cheers, Christiaan

I will try this, Thanks!

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