Count the number of records within a period (startdate-enddate) for current date (today)

Hi to the community! Please can somebody help me with that “date problem”. I tried to find a solution for myself, but at the end I flailed several times.

I have two tables. The first table [Absence] contains the names of children and there are two date columns, [Start Absence] and [End Absence], so that I can count the days of absence in a duration column.

In the second table, just one row, I would like to count how many children are actually absent [absent today] and how many children are absent the next day [absent tomorrow]. In the end I want to show the two columns of dates in the calendar view. And I would like to compare the number of children with the number of educators, which are calculated in the same way in different tables, and all this continuously updated for each day. (Child number: X - versus - educator number: Y).

Thanks in advance for your trouble

Hi @Arbor_Advice :blush: ! And Welcome bak to the Community :grin: !

I’m sorry but what do you mean by this :point_down:

Based on your description I kind of build a sample, but I don’t think this is what you were looking for …
(I’m not sure if the absences concern both Children & Educators)

I’m still going to share it, just in case and wait to see if you could give us more info about what you want to accomplish before giving some explanations :blush:
(Don’t hesitate to share an anonymized sample doc :blush: )

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Sorry for confusing you. Everything with Calendar is not the Problem. That part was only to explain use case. You did it in a more komplex way with Children and Educators in one Calendar. The Problem for me was to find the formula wich count the absent Children correctly. Finally “DateTimeTruncate(“day”)” was the Trick. Now, I´m very happy and can go on to build my lovely Coda Doc. Thanks a lot

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