Counting Decimal Places

Hey all,

Pretty simple one here - is there a formula I can use to count the number of decimal places?

Use case:

I run a project management table, the parent - child 1 - child 2 - child 3 relationship is based on decimals.

Parent = 1
Child 1 = 1.1
Child 2 = 1.11
Child 3 = 1.111

If there was a second child 2 for example it would become 1.12.

Thanks in advance!

something like this @Danny_Pettiona :

Best, christiaan

Legend thanks Christiaan

Hey, @Christiaan_Huizer and @Danny_Pettiona

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that formula works for every case.

This is how I would extract the trailing zeros to get the right number

hi @Breno_Nunes
thanks for jumping in!
you are right, the moment you consider a zero as an option between other numbers, your solution is the way to go. In my understanding that was not the set up, but in case I am mistaken, your suggestion is indeed an improvement!
cheers, christiaan

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