Counting number of times a value appears in a select list dropdown in another table

Hello Codans,

Good morning! Need some help below.

I have 2 tables. One table has feature requests the other column has name of customers. I have a lookup column where against name of customers I can assign the feature requests. I want to count unique customers who have asked for those features and show that as a column in the feature requests table.

For Example,
Feature Requests table:

  1. Feature Request 1
  2. Feature Request 2
  3. Feature Request 3

Customer Feedback Table:

  1. Customer A = Feature Request 1
  2. Customer B = Feature Request 1
  3. Customer C = Feature Request 2

Add a column to the Feature Request Table:

  1. Feature Request 1 → # Customers Requested = 2
  2. Feature Request 2 → # Customer Requested = 1
  3. Feature Request 3 → # Customers Requested = 0

Any help or pointers to right links will be super helpful. Thank you.