Cover max resolution for PDFs

Hey guys!

I was trying to use a image as a cover and it was not printing to the PDF. When I lowered the image size, it worked. So I want to know if PDF export has a resolution or file size limit for the cover.

Hi Guilherme,

When the image was a higher resolution/size when it was not printing to PDF what was the user experience, did we show an error, or did it not appear in the returned PDF file?

Also, to confirm, is this via ‘Save as PDF’ on the menu or from ‘Print to PDF’ in the browser’s print dialog?

I used the Save as PDF in the Coda bar. The document was printed, but it didn’t show the cover image, instead, just a big blank space on the top.

We’ll take a look. There’s no hard-coded limits on the resolution of this image, but it may be that we captured the PDF before the Coda page finished downloading and showing this cover image.

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Thanks! Just for reference. The image I tried to print was 1224x211, PNG format and only 18,6KB.

Yeah, that’s nothing size wise. Should have been fine. Do you know if it was a PNG with interlaced support, i.e. one that could be progressively rendered?

Sorry, I don’t know about that. I exported from Illustrator. I checked there and there is no configuration about interlacing properties.